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Meet TeraVina

TeraVina is our own ERP Solution for Wineries, built on Microsoft Dynamics. It manages all of the nuances inherent in winemaking, finance, and sales without the bloated data entry processes you might expect. We think you’ll love it.


Monitor financial performance across all business units and cost centers.  Take control of your financial data while shortening cycle times and accelerating closing and reporting.

Trade Management

Our system streamlines the entire lifecycle of trade management across procurement, logistics, sales and settlement activities to significantly improve operating efficiencies and cash flows.

Wine Making

From Dirt to table, we have the farming and cellar staff covered.  With everything in one system, there is no need for complex integrations or duplicate data entry into your accounting and sales systems.

Manage and Plan your inventory

Visibility across all your items at all locations with accurate costing. Do you have 3rd parties managing parts of your supply chain?  TeraVina allows users to view their inventory levels in the same place to plan for replenishment. Automated replenishment suggestions based on various calculations.

Financial Control & Visibility

Centralized financial control of all your operations with real time visibility into all your departments and channels. Consolidated financials so there is one source of truth and no month/year end Excel spreadsheet reporting challenges.


Integrated natively to best of breed applications and several common winery platforms giving you one source of truth for all your reporting needs.

Vertically built for the wine industry

From DTC and wholesale specific sales functionality to compliance reporting, excise tax accruals, winemaking and field tracking, our system was built from the ground up to wrap around your wineries operations.

Flexible for your organization

The system can be easily tailored and extended for your business. Built in the cloud, it can be used on any device, anywhere.

A Complete Picture

We replace a bundle of disconnected applications with a single, unified solution implemented to match your wine organization’s workflow. The result? One platform. One set of data. One code base. Say goodbye to redundancy issues, duplicate data entry, and reporting challenges. Say hello to ROI in spades.

Customized View

Your people are presented with tasks, information and reports that are relevant to their work, all on a clean, personalized dashboard. Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central’s role-tailored design, your people can get right to it. This is winery software with no meaningless data to wade through and no desktop clutter. Just results.

Seamless Integration

Our platform is built to interact fluently with the wine industry’s most loved services. Bring your favorite apps like Commerce7, ShipCompliant or ViP iDig and TeraVina will make them an intrinsic part of your workflow. Never manually move data from outside apps to your own system again. Clever you.

Wine Compliance Like a Rockstar

Keeping up with changing legislation and regulatory requirements is a pain, so we built TeraVina to do the heavy lifting for you. Automatically generate reports from BATF to Wine Premise Operations in just a few clicks. With all of your data in one place, your wine compliance information is accessible and numbers are accurate

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