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TeraVina for Distributors was built from the ground up to address the unique challenges that Wine & Spirts Distributors face.

Meet TeraVina for Distributors

TeraVina for Distributors is the system that can automate the complexities of the three tier Wine & Spirits distribution chain.  Built on top of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, we have leveraged Microsoft technology and functionally implemented best practices for the SMB Wine & Spirits Distribution space.  


Detailed margin analysis covering landed costs, internal overhead and sales components.  Get visibility to change as it occurs from every input in the organization.


Automate your cost postings and keep track of Excise and Duty Accruals.  Streamline gathering of specific data points for registering with Government entities.

Reliable Demand Planning

Customer requirements can be anticipated in advance of customer requests and then optimized via the demand planning module.  The result is an efficient supply chain with improved inventory turns and responsiveness.

Advanced Warehousing

The Advanced Warehousing features support more efficient shipping/recieving processes and planning capabilities to provide greater visibility and prioritization.

Financial Control & Visibility

Centralized financial control of all your operations with real time visibility into all your departments and channels. Consolidated financials so there is one source of truth and no month/year end Excel spreadsheet reporting challenges.


Integrated natively to best of breed applications and several common platforms giving you one source of truth for all your reporting needs.

Vertically built for wine & spirits distribution

From Container Tracking and Channel Sales functionality to compliance reporting, excise tax accruals, route management and supply planning, our system was built from the ground up to wrap around your operations.

Flexible for your organization

The system can be easily tailored and extended for your business. Built in the cloud, it can be used on any device, anywhere.

System Capabilities

TeraVina for distributors extends all the base functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and includes functionality required by Distributors. Highlights of these features:

Intercompany Automation

Orders flow seamlessly from organization to organization and can be fulfilled automatically from the correct entity serving that location without any manual effort or needless delays in shipments. All intercompany transactions flow to the correct entity and impact the appropriate warehouse locations.

Revenue Components

Our Revenue Component module gives you the ability create cost/price estimates and monitor margin performance. Revise your costs closer to real time as actual costs are accumulated, entered and analyzed.

Distributor Compliance & Excise Taxes

Automate state price postings and accrue Excise taxes due. Import Duties and excise taxes are accrued and tracked on both the purchasing and sales side of the business.

Real Time Container Management

The Container Management module allows your team to optimally configure container loads prior to shipment, provides visibility of the container on the water and helps to manage receiving processes when the container arrives.

Landed Costs (Estimates vs. Actuals)

Automated costing tools capture fully landed costs including excise taxes, duties and fees as product flows through shipping points, simplify purchase order management, and help determine load management.

Specialized Credit Holds

Credit holds by customer can be applied and managed for over-the-limit purchases.

Automatic Route Management

Your internal and external delivery routes can now be managed through the system using defined transit times for different routes and taking into account shipping calendars and customer-defined delivery schedules.

Container Redemption Value (CRV) Tracking

Container Redemption calculations are now built into product sales pricing and tracked accordingly for beverages sold into States requiring redemption.

Integration with Retail Customers and Partners

Integrated EDI and/or Web Services allows you to send electronic information formatted as required by your customers and suppliers.

Efficient Order Entry Process

A new, integrated sales order tool can replace a largely manual process. See everything flow seamlessly from PO to sales order to container, with information moving in a variety of different formats to different retailers.

Timely Insights

Provide your team with the financial visibility to make business decisions and get directly to the underlying retail transactions that determine profit or loss.

Solid Demand Planning

Customer requirements can be anticipated in advance of customer requests and then optimized via the demand planning module. The result is an efficient supply chain with improved inventory turns and responsiveness.

Flexible Reporting

Newly created and assigned Dimensions on Items, Customers and associated tax codes give your team the ability to review results by state and monitor pricing at different levels of the supply chain and between business units.

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