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Offering end to end service solutions so you can be assured your project is implemented to fit your companies needs.  

Building Bridges

First you need a team, then you have to examine the processes that support them. Before we start an implementation, we analyze your business looking for gaps and opportunities. Only then can we work together to build bridges connecting your people and processes to the information that leads to a healthy bottom line.

Our Process for New Implementations

ERP Implementations can be intimidating, especially if your team hasn’t been a part of one before. Replacing your core systems is akin to having a heart transplant. Your mission critical system is ripped out of your business and replaced with a new one. And while all of this invasive surgery is being performed, someone has to keep the lifeblood flowing. No wonder there is stress involved in changing systems.

But the stress needn’t be life threatening. With proper advanced planning, you can minimize the disruption to your business and ease the pain for your staff.

Oztera has been implementing Microsoft Dynamics for the past 20 years and has team members that have been involved of hundreds of projects. This experience has brought us to adopt and refine the Microsoft SureStep process. It has proven successful and we continue to move it forward with our clients.

Our Process for clients already running Business Central or NAV

You chose a great platform in Dynamics NAV or Business Central but you aren’t getting the results or guidance from your current partner. Unfortunately, this can happen sometimes and we have been able to step in and provide the necessary support and direction for our clients. We begin by gaining an understanding of where you are at today, specific deficiencies or issues you are experiencing and where you want to be. We also dig in to provide direction in areas that are underutilized or that you had no visibility of. We connect you with our support staff so your team can experience a full team of expert implementers, trainers and software developers. Utilize us on a regular basis or use us in a pinch if your system is already established.

Business Analysis and System Design

Our Project Management and Design teams take the pain and suffering out of the software implementation process ensuring you get maximum value from your investment. We take a good look at your current business processes and compare them against best practices. We determine how the system will support your strategy moving forward and determine how best to implement.


The Oztera Support team provides dedicated software maintenance and support services that will enable you to concentrate on your core business functions. We provide you with effective long-term continual maintenance and real-time support services for your Microsoft Dynamics systems.

Project Management

Our project managers’ role is to manage resources, time and budget so you can achieve the outcomes you desire with the quality you deserve.  Our deep experience gives us the ability to keep your team on track and on budget to hit those milestones that are crucial to successful projects.

Application Development

Our team of developers create solutions that keep the transactions flowing in support of your unique business.  We can streamline manual tasks and automate the processes that consume your time. With our centered approach, you can get key insights into business-critical data.

Systems Integration

Our developers have extensive experience integrating with several third party systems that help improve capabilities within organizations. We don’t stop at automating just within our system or your organization.  We look for opportunities to eliminate bottlenecks in other systems or your partner network.


Our goal is to make you experts on your system.  Using a combination of group and individual training, we make sure you know how to get the most out of your solution. 

Cloud Services

Manage your application in the cloud, reducing complexity, increasing availability and providing cost savings.  Leverage the full SaaS offering from Microsoft or employ our partners to create a private cloud environment to fit your needs.

Check out our secrets to a successful implementation.

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