Don’t Let Ransomware Hold Your Business Hostage: Discover Azure’s Secure Solution

Ransomware attacks pose significant company threats, leading to financial losses, disrupted business operations, and damaged reputations. When companies fall victim to these attacks, they often face the daunting task of recovering their data and restoring normalcy. According to a recent report by Sophos, only 8% of organizations successfully retrieve all their data, and a mere 29% of those that pay the ransom manage to recover at least half of their encrypted information.

In one such case, a regional franchise encountered a ransomware attack that left them unable to access their critical data. They were running Microsoft Dynamics GP on-premises to manage accounts payable. The company, like many others, chose not to comply with the hackers’ demands, as there was no guarantee of data restoration even if the ransom was paid.

Recognizing the need for a secure and reliable solution, the franchise decided to move their data to Microsoft Azure. Within a short span of two days, an Azure instance was created, providing a safe and protected environment for the franchise’s operations.

Dynamics GP was upgraded to the latest version and redeployed in a safe and secure cloud environment. To reconfigure Dynamics GP and establish master records, the franchise sought the guidance of an expert Azure provider such as Oztera. Despite this, they had to manually input vendor information using their paper records. Users were successfully onboarded to the new cloud environment by the fourth day.

The Advantages of Moving Away from Physical Servers

Apart from the risks associated with ransomware attacks, physical servers expose businesses to various real-world hazards, including damage, natural disasters, and hardware failures. Maintaining on-premises servers requires dedicated IT teams, adding to operational costs and downtime. Additionally, businesses must invest significant time and resources in setting up separate infrastructure for backups and disaster recovery. Regular patching and updates are essential to mitigate cyber risks posed by on-site servers.

Choosing the Right Cloud Provider for Optimal Security

Highlighting the importance of selecting a secure cloud provider, we recall the unfortunate incident that occurred in July 2022. NetStandard, a managed service provider offering MyAppsAnywhere cloud services for various Microsoft Business Applications, experienced a cyberattack resulting in a complete cloud platform shutdown. While specific details about the attack remain undisclosed, industry experts speculate that it originated from a remote code execution vulnerability on their hosted Exchange servers. Consequently, companies relying on NetStandard faced the dire consequences of losing access to their systems and data, eroding their trust in the hosting provider.

The Unparalleled Security of Microsoft Azure

When it comes to cloud services, Microsoft Azure stands out as an exceptional choice, particularly for businesses. Their cloud-based solutions cater specifically to the needs of organizations, offering options for full cloud deployment or a hybrid approach for a gradual transition from on-premises systems.

By migrating their operations to Azure, the regional franchise can now enjoy enhanced peace of mind, knowing that their data is more secure than ever before. Microsoft invests $1 billion annually in security measures, ensuring robust protection for Azure and their users.

Azure Active Directory, a cloud-based identity management service, empowers IT administrators to provide employees with single sign-on access to multiple cloud-based applications like Office 365 and SharePoint. Furthermore, Azure offers a comprehensive suite of identity management services, including device registration, multi-factor authentication, role-based access control, self-service group management, and application usage monitoring. These services safeguard sensitive information, ensuring only authorized personnel can access critical data.

By embracing Azure and relinquishing physical servers, businesses eliminate the risk of physical security breaches within their premises. Azure provides a dual-layered security approach, bolstering virtual defenses and mitigating.

Secure your business from ransomware attacks and safeguard your data with Azure before it’s too late. Partner with Oztera now for seamless operations and peace of mind.

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