Our Partners

We've had the privilege of finding and partnering with some pretty amazing companies. Whether they are banks, software companies, or technology providers, these organizations help us provide innovative solutions to your business challenges.


We are proud supportors of organizations that help our customers and partners succeed: 

United AG  represents more than 1,100 agricultural employers and 25 associations.  

Women for WineSense is a premier wine education and networking organization for wine industry professionals and enthusiasts.

Our CEO serves on the board of the Agricultural Personnel Management Association (APMA)

Banks (Wells Fargo)

We integrate to a number of banks including Wells Fargo. 

Business Intelligence (Targit, Jet Reports)

We had a handful of customers that were pushing the limits on reporting.  We were able to deliver what they needed in order to have visibility of their business, but custom development is costly and we wanted to put the tools in the hands of the people asking the questions.  So began our rigorous search for the right Business Intelligence tool. 

From the beginning of our search, Targit was a clear leader in this space - they're easily the world’s largest BI vendor for companies using Microsoft Dynamics NAV. With more than 80 percent of their users also being Dynamics users, we knew they had the understanding and tools to work well with our clients' systems.  Their tool also matched or beat just about everything else out there. Game, set, match.

In addition to Targit enterprise solution, we also offer Jet Reports.  It offers the best out-of-box setup of any reporting tool we've tried.  Built right into Dynamics NAV, users can start building reports within a day or two at most, and tight integration with Excel makes it a fast learn for most users.

Compliance (ShipCompliant, eCompli)

We really didn't want to reinvent the wheel on compliance tracking.  There are a couple of companies that handle the complexity of consumer compliance so well that we decided to focus our efforts on building a tight integration instead.  ShipCompliant and eCompli offer great products, and we can talk directly to their services from the point of sale as well as the back office to make sure your transactions are always in compliance. 

Customer Relationship Management (Microsoft CRM, SalesForce)

We work in tandem with leading Customer Relationship Management solutions including Microsoft CRM and SalesForce.com.


Digital Document Management (DocuSign, Equisys)

DocuSign is a provider of comprehensive capabilities for preparing, sending, signing, and managing documents digitally.  Equisys, Inc. (through their solution ZetaDocs) provides automated processes for document management, fax servers, and project management. 


Expense Management (Coupa, Concur)

Expense management tools help to take the pain out of tracking and reimbursing employee business expenses. We have worked with our clients to integrate Coupa and Concur so that the entire work flow is painless for everyone involved. 

Payment Processing (ChargeLogic)

ChargeLogic Payments is the leading PCI-compliant credit card and payment processing software integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Payroll (ADP, Serenic)

We provide integration with standard payroll service providers like ADP and work with Serenic on custom solutions for our agriculture clients. 

Point of Sale Solutions (LS Retail, Vin65, eCellars)

We offer LS Retail which is point of sale developed in the Dynamics NAV environment as well as integration to other widely used stand alone point of sale solutions like Vin65 and eCellars. 

LS Retail has been installed by 2,200 companies with 42,000 stores operating 100,000 POS terminals worldwide. Their proven technology built within Dynamics NAV proved to be exactly what we were looking for, and it offered the added benefit of leveraging features and knowledge from several additional retail sectors.

Product Add ons (SimCrest, MergeTool)

We work with a number of companies that offer solutions built in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform.  SimCrest is dedicated to simplifying and streamlining highly specialized business processes for small and mid-sized businesses while MergeTool helps developers code more efficiently. 

Production Scheduling (Netronic)

There are a lot of moving parts in the wine making process. We turned to visual scheduling experts, Netronic, to help our clients make sense of information at each step of the process. 

Technology (Microsoft, Occidental Tech, Progrent, Xantrion)

In the winter of 2003, we were evaluating ERP systems to support a few of our larger clients.  Because of the nature of their processes, we needed something that was solid but flexible.  We also needed to be able to come up to speed quickly on the product and feel comfortable supporting it before pushing it out into the market.  After evaluating several platforms, we settled on Microsoft Dynamics NAV.  It was and still is by far one of the best and most complete products for businesses of all sizes and industries.We've been working with Microsoft for more than 13 years and it's been an excellent partnership culminating in our recognition as Gold Partner. We look forward to offering and supporting Microsoft products for years to come.

We also work with top managed IT solution providers like St. Helena-based Occidental Tech, as well as Progrent and Xantrion.

Website Integration (Vin65, Nexternal, eWinery)

We learned a long time ago that website integration needs to be hosted completely separate from your standard business operations.  We set out to partner with larger players that were already solving e-commerce problems for the industries we serve.  We found several partners for this service.  

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