TeraVina Winery Solution Released Just In Time For Harvest

From Wine Industry Insight: http://www.wineindustryinsight.com/yourturn.php?id=899

St.Helena, CA September 25, 2013 Oztera, a leading provider of business solutions for the wine industry, today announced the release of TeraVina, an integrated production, accounting and retail solution. Built on a foundation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and LS Retail, TeraVina offers winery owners “dirt to dinner table” control of their business and operational results while giving winemakers the flexibility they need to craft great wine.

Unlike other solutions in the wine industry, which force owners to choose between having the features they require or working with outdated technology, TeraVina offers a depth of features and advanced technology. The solution lets wineries capture transactions from contract to weigh tag to AP invoice in a streamlined flow making it easy to identify direct costs in real-time. From there, complex allocations of overhead and other production costs are automated and added to inventory. Production, costing, shipping, and warehouse management are all managed in one seamless process. Once a varietal is in bottle, the winery team can review the individual components of the wine via a tree view.

Duckhorn Vineyards COO, Zach Rasmuson said, “I was impressed with the Oztera team’s ability to learn our business, to understand the mind of a winemaker and to do that earnestly. The cost and profitability is so important. Now we can understand costs in the middle of the process rather than at the end of it. “

On the retail side, TeraVina is built on LS Retail, a leading global retail solution used by many of the world’s largest retail and hospitality organizations. No longer forced to play a game of hide and seek with customer data, wineries using TeraVina can see a complete view of their customers all in one place. TeraVina’s wine club features are flexible enough to handle the unique and changing requirements of any club, while maintaining strict control over the accounting.

The right system makes everyone, especially the CFO, happy. Lori Beaudoin, CFO and SVP at Duckhorn Vineyards says, “Our installation was very demanding. We went from a series of unintegrated solutions with POS and production being standalone to a complete solution. Oztera had experts in multiple areas: retail, DTC, production, wholesale and general ledger. They even pulled in experts from the Microsoft environment and LS retail. It was important for us to have someone who could provide a complete solution.”