Sana Commerce with Oztera’s Microsoft Dynamics 3650 Business Central ERP Makes B2B Easy

The two products paired together are scalable and powerful solutions designed to strengthen your relationship with your customers. This pairing allows you to streamline your core processes around the proven system of Business Central and the ability to leverage a fully integrated e-commerce solution. Oztera and Sana Commerce have a proven track record of having happy, successful B2B clients that have grown their business with this pairing. Growing your business is not just about the harvest. It is all about the care and nurturing you provide to your plants. The same goes for your ERP with eCommerce. You need to have quality products to maximize your harvest, so why not have a quality system that allows you to offer what you have harvested to the market seamlessly and efficiently.

All your data is completely accurate 24/7-365 when your web store is integrated with your ERP system, all the product information, relationships, and categorization in your ERP are instantly available online. Likewise, changes made to the product catalog stored in your back office are immediately visible in the web store. All your inventory information is stored in your Business Central ERP. This data contains important business logic that relies on current inventory availability, inventory location, and projection of future inventory levels based on planned production and/or purchase orders. Thanks to our direct integration, all of this business logic, product, and client data can be made available in real-time directly in your Sana Commerce web store.

With native ERP integration, you can show the following in real-time, all the time:

  • Pricing discounts
  • Sales tax calculations
  • Shipping fees
  • Customer data
  • Inventory levels
  • Price calculations with units of measure
  • All product data, like name, description, variant name

Manage products quickly and efficiently with Oztera ERP & Sana Commerce with an accurate product catalog, and you can reach more customers faster and at any time. Because your product catalog is managed in your ERP, Sana’s solution simply retrieves the data you’ve entered and displays it straight in your web store.

Here are a few of the product management features you can look forward to:

  • Stock and inventory availability
  • Specifications
  • Units of measure
  • Product comparison capabilities
  • Product sets, pages, variants, and images

Multi brands, regions, and selling-models capabilities are available with Oztera and Sana Commerce. Doing good business is important, but growing that business can pose significant challenges. By pairing ERP & eCommerce, you can easily scale your business with fewer concerns. There are many avenues of support for growing your organization, expanding into new markets, and creating new territories. To help keep your expansion options open, you have access to multisite, multistore support regardless of the number of brands, geographical markets, and selling models your organization has or has planned.

Today, it is more important than ever before to leverage technology in the modern marketplace. To do this, you will need the best of modern ERP and eCommerce, launching your business to its maximum potential so you can capture your piece of the eCommerce pie. The question is, living with disparate systems and data with Brick-n-Mortar distribution channels, is it a path to success in the twenty-first century? Today the solution of Oztera ERP powered by Business Central with Sana Commerce is affordable and more accessible than ever before. Your organization can have these solutions on a Microsoft Cloud, a Private Cloud, or hosted on your own server. The real question is, how much better would your business be with the latest technology that allows you to reach your full market potential—reaching clients where they are when they need access.

This is all possible for your growing business; you just need to reach out to schedule a demo with Oztera and Sana Commerce. All journies start with a single step; your journey can begin to greater success by scheduling a meeting. We look forward to the opportunity to partner.

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