Out with paper, in with ERP and mobile scanning devices

Business processes are becoming automated. Does your company use clipboards, paper, and pencils and still runs like it is in the 1950s? Or, is it a fast-running, data-using, twenty-first-century organization? Fast-running ERP systems are going paperless, which means fewer mistakes, less paper (Green initiatives), more efficiency, and overall cost-effectiveness. ERPs paired with mobile scanning devices provide a whole host of benefits to an organization and ultimately drive more significant profits for stakeholders.  

Going paperless with mobile scanning devices in your organization’s processes is what ERP with Microsoft BC is all about. Employees are always reaching for the next ream of paper; that comes at the expense of time and costly printing and shredding. These forms of overhead are as archaic as your last typewriter purchase. All that paper leads to an increase in the carbon footprint while other companies are going “Green” with paperless means of working. Just think, with one scan, you can be done, and all business teams instantly updated.  

Spend time on legibility problems? Is that a 1 or a 7?  On paper forms, employees are writing, and writing, and writing. With every note, they are making marks on the POs/BOMs with their own form of hieroglyphics; some are easy to read while others are not. Those errors can be costly when products go out the door, and you have no idea if those are charged to the customer. With Oztera and TaskLet Factory, your company can have a state-of-the-art ERP system with mobile scanning devices, which can assist in driving down costs due to errors and shrinkage, saving your business profit.    

Once the product is scanned in the field, vineyard, or cellar, the mobile device tracks the movement to the next step. If you have Wi-Fi or not, this system will work. Oztera and TaskLet Factory can have the system perform with either live updates or sync once a network connection occurs. The system automatically updates inventory levels, updates the accountants, and allows labor to perform cycle counts as needed. Your business will run, and repetitive tasks that don’t drive profit will be edited so your team can focus on profitable activities.  

Integrating your business with Oztera and our partner TaskLet Factory will allow your business to improve its processes. The future is all about speeding up your process to do more with every minute of every day. This is achieved by using Microsoft BC as your ERP system along with your mobile scanning devices. Pairing an ERP system with mobile scanning capabilities will allow your business to grow and realize the maximum harvest of its efforts. So are you ready to be in with ERP with mobile scanning devices and finally out with paper?  

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