Numbers make the perfect picture, right?

When implementing Microsoft Business Central (BC) in your business, “the Goal” is to collect data more effectively and utilize it, right? Once you have your data in a centralized system, the next step is to arrange it into an easy way to visualize and harvest the main points. Using Microsoft BC with Power BI (Business Intelligence) will allow you to “bridge the gap between data and decision making”(Microsoft). 

Gone are the days of managing spider webs of Excel spreadsheets or connecting with System Developers to create reports to access all of the disparate data in your organization’s data swamp. It used to be that you required a Developer to manually extract the data from the system in order to build the report. After that, you had to go back and forth with them on the design so that the organization could finally make “THE DECISION”.   All those back and forth conversations usually came at a steep customization cost as well.  

Oztera can work with you to construct data models that will build the foundation for your reporting needs.  This will allow you to create your own dashboards and visualizations with simple views into your data.  You’ll be amazed at the insights and efficiency unlocks that were hiding in your systems. Power BI comes with every installation, so you don’t have the time and expense each time you want a new report. With Power BI, you will “fish for yourself” to compare any data or cluster of Dimensions you need to compare. 

Some people may think Microsoft BC is just an ERP system to automate processes and provide simple canned reports. False. Microsoft BC combined with Power BI allows you to create beautifully paginated charts that perfectly enable you to visualize your data. The extensive library of prefabricated charts and graphs makes report assembly a breeze and allows you to choose what works best for you and your business Want to view trendlines of product saturation?  Do you want to view that side by side with full contribution ratio per salesperson?  With a solid foundation built by the Oztera team, these are simple operations in Power BI. The options are endless and easily personalized with Power BI and Microsoft Business Central.   

Make the right decision when shopping for the correct ERP. A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Learn more about POWER BI: Oztera, Inc. | Power BI