Our goal with TeraVina is to offer wineries the same level of "dirt to dinner table" control over their finances that they have over their wine. 

On the production side, we offer a streamlined view of transactions from contract to weigh tag to accounts payable invoice. During harvest, the receipt of each weigh tag triggers a series of events that lead to real-time costing of the wine at every stage in the process. Allocations are automated so that overhead, production, and bottling costs are spread across gallons of wine as often as needed. Once the wine is bottled, TeraVina's tree view lets you review the orgin of the wine back to the initial weigh tag. 

For the sales team, TeraVina offers state of the art point of sale tools built on LS Retail, plus an integrated wine club management solution, and integration with leading eCommerce tools.

And last but not least, the finance department will have access to the information they need in real-time. 

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