Manufacturing software that truly performs.

Intuitive ERP implementations that turn complexity into clockwork.

Results guaranteed.

Stay ahead of your supply chain and bring down cost with flexible manufacturing software powered by the industry leading Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform.

Here's how.

see everything

More specifically, see everything in a way that actually makes sense. Get self explanatory snapshots of your timeline, track hundreds of unique jobs, and see collisions in your supply chain months in advance. Solve problems that don't even exist yet. Careful, all that power might go to your head. Don't say we didn't warn you.

smart automation

Our manufacturing solutions are designed to work the way you do. A lot of that happens during the ERP implementation process, where we take time to learn what you need and how your team does things. Who does what, when, and how often? What are the if-thens? Can we turn this three step process into a one-step? And suddenly your ERP starts to feel less like software and more like a member of your team.

responsibility management

Arm your people. Our manufacturing software provides automated daily, weekly and monthly to-do's direct from your workflow to the dashboards of each of your team members, streamlining communication and task assignment and empowering people to get more done.

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