“S” is for Support

Great teams have clear communication. But people communicate differently. Some people want information presented in a linear fashion with all details provided. Others want to get right to the bottom line. Still others want to connect on a personal level first, before diving in to business. Others thrive on security, fear, or change and need time to process new information.

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Oztera lands in Napa

Few visitors to Napa Valley truly understand the deep complexities of the grape-to-glass process. But Napa’s newest neighbor, Oztera, does. The company specializes in making wineries more productive and efficient in all things business, from grape to consumer.

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Wine Club Nuances

Wine Clubs offer unique value to both wineries and their members. Built on a subscription-based revenue model, these programs offer wineries a predictable income stream and a cash flow boost.To customers, they provide special perks and VIP treatment. To programmers, they represent a unique set of programming challenges. 

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Avoid these 5 project red flags

As a NAV developer for the last 6 years, I have seen great projects and those that weren’t so great. Over time I have gotten better at identifying the red flags that point to development challenges ahead. While some of these red flags are show stoppers, others are indications that we need to spend a little more time defining specifications or identifying the business need before we jump into code mode:

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Gaining a new perspective

Software development requires a different perspective. Rather than seeing things the way they first appear, sometimes you have to keep digging until you understand the business on a deeper level. 

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5 unique (dare we say weird) things about the wine industry

Every industry, including the wine industry has its quirks. While working in this industry has more than its share of perks (beautiful vistas, inspired owners, not to mention liquid assets), there are some aspects of this business that could drive developers to drink. 

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